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Whether at work, school, your neighborhood, or family, you know and care about someone who identifies as gay or transgender. Do you know how to share the gospel in a way that upholds the Biblical sexual ethic while uplifting the love of Christ? Join Guy Hammond, a homosexually attracted Christian, as he shares strategies that will help you be successful in bringing your gay, lesbian or transgender friend to faith. 

In this course you will get access to:


Gain access to videos that will help you effectively share the gospel and avoid common pitfalls.

Downloadable Notes

Download course notes and print them out for your continued study and reference.

Confidence & Competence

Intimidation can be defeated with knowledge. Educate yourself to study the Bible with LGBTQ people with confidence and competence.

Interested in a small group or ministry bulk order?  contact us here.

  • Video Course

    during checkout pricing will be in Canadian dollars (CA)
    Válido por 6 meses
    • Studying Beyond the Margins: Bringing LGBTQ Friends to Faith
    • Instructional Videos
    • Downloadable Notes
    • Real Life Testimonies
    • Gain Confidence & Competence
    • Unlimited Access for 6 Months

** during checkout pricing will be in Canadian dollars (CA) **

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